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Abby's Herbal Clinic

Supporting you from

pre-conception to postpartum



Initial Consultation

Initial consultations are approximately 1-1.5 hours long so please allow time for this when booking. This gives us an opportunity to discuss your health concerns and relevant history in depth, allowing exploration of the root causes of imbalance/illness and putting together the most appropriate and effective plan and herbal medicine for you. As I work on a holistic basis, the session will also include nutritional and lifestyle elements and advice.

Follow Up Consultation

During follow up sessions, we review your health since your previous visit, discussing any changes or concerns you may have. Herbal remedies as suited to you will be provided and discussed, along with any updates and recommendations regarding lifestyle and nutrition. You may continue to attend for follow up consultations for as long as you like and for as long as we both feel it is beneficial to continue working together. We can also discuss the timing of follow up sessions to find the best options for your unique situation.

"No matter what may have happened yesterday, a new day of fresh possibility has dawned. You are not the same person today as you were yesterday"

Daisaku Ikeda


Contact Me

Please contact me if you'd like to book a consultation or find out more about how Herbal and Naturopathic medicine can help you. All consultations are currently being offered online.


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