Meersbrook, Sheffield, UK

Who I Am and What I Do

I am a Herbalist, Naturopath and (former) Nurse currently based in Sheffield, UK.

I have always felt a strong connection to our natural world and was especially drawn to the field of Herbal Medicine when I was travelling in New Zealand and Australia where I lived and worked alongside other natural healthcare practitioners. During this time I was seeking a way to help others that focused on the uniqueness of each individual while working in harmony with the body and nature. I had been working as a Mental Health Nurse for the NHS and was looking for a way to work truly holistically with clients. After realising that I could  pursue Herbal Medicine as a career, I travelled to Ireland where I undertook my studies to become a Herbalist and Naturopath at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in Dublin.

I am fully insured and a member of both The Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and The Association of Master Herbalists. These associations are commited to upholding high standards and ethics which all members abide by in order to provide excellent care and best practice for all clients. I am dynamically engaged in and commited to attending CPD (Continuing Professional Development) seminars, lectures and workshops on a frequent basis to continuously update and inform my practice to maintain exceptional standards of care.

In addition to my work as a Herbalist, I also work as part of a team within a Rehabilitation service in Sheffield, providing support and care for people with spinal cord and acquired brain injuries, neurological conditions, orthopaedic and other complex trauma injuries.

I believe that each person can become deeply happy and has the potential to achieve their own individual optimum level of health and well-being, experiencing a joyful and fulfilling life. I work on the principles of empowerment, collaboration and education, encouraging my clients to fully engage in their own journey of healing while wholeheartedly supporting them to outline and achieve their personal health goals, harnessing the power of Herbal Medicine as a basis from which to do this.