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Doula Services

 I'm dedicated to supporting women, birthing people and families to make fully informed choices and will stand with you arm in arm every single step of the way, no matter how your journey unfolds.


Together we can create a space for you to access your own intuition, inner knowing, hopes and desires for your pregnancy, birth and journey into parenthood. All the while supporting you to access and hone your own existing strengths, resources and coping strategies alongside helping you gain any additional tools or information to enable you to reach choices that feel empowered and comfortable for you, your baby and your unique experience.

Often we are so focused on preparing for birth that preparation for post-partum, what to expect, who your support network will be and a plan for the birthing person to rest and replenish while adjusting to life with their new baby can be overlooked.


Post-partum is an extraordinary time where you’re integrating your experience of your pregnancy and birth while caring for and welcoming your tiny new human into the world. All this takes place while experiencing depletion and extra physical demands as you recover and gently restore your vitality following pregnancy and birth. I bring my experience as a Herbalist and Naturopath along with me when you hire me as a Doula and within this capacity, if desired, I can offer bespoke post-partum herbal medicine support along with discussion about optimum nutrition to help you replenish, restore and honour your body and mind during this sacred time.

It is my hope that every woman and birthing person can enjoy a postpartum experience where they feel held, nurtured and able to truly revere themselves during this important time of transition.

My services are tailored especially for you and will be based upon our discussions and your specific needs and wishes.


Below is an example of a package of support throughout the perinatal period (this is priced at £1, 250)

  • 6 x antenatal visits

  • On call and ready to come and support you from 38 weeks until baby is born (24 hours a day, you can call me anytime day or night once you have signs that labour is beginning)

  • presence and support throughout birth and remaining with you until you are comfortable, cosy and happily tucked up with your baby

  • 6 x postnatal visits

  • Discussion surrounding birth, your options and support creating your birth preferences

  • Support creating a postpartum care plan/list of support people, resources and any other preparation relevant to you for this time

  • Debrief and a listening ear if you wish to talk about your birth experience

  • Signposting to other resources and services that may be helpful

  • Support with light housework/cleaning duties

  • Taking care of baby while you shower/sleep/take some time out for you (if desired)

  • Supporting you to feel comfortable, nourished, held and nurtured as you focus on nurturing your new little love

  • Listening, hearing and acknowledging your experiences as you grow along your journey of parenthood

  • Holding a safe, non-judgemental and deeply caring space for you and your family

I also offer postnatal doula support packages (this would ideally include at least x 2 pre-natal sessions to get to know each other during your pregnancy). I’m happy to chat about your personalised needs and create a unique package and pricing plan for you.

To include Herbal and Naturopathic consultation and traditional remedies throughout postpartum there is an optional add on fee of £250.

If you feel called to find out more about working together you can contact me to arrange a no-obligation, free initial meeting where we can get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit.


Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy and a joyful time welcoming your new family member into the world.

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